Four Rooms
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2002-08-03 14:26:38 (UTC)

Today's Schedule.

Well I'm already behind, but I'm not too upset, because I
didn't write my schedule in here yet. I figured I'd write
it now so that I can still get most of it done before going
to work.

Alright, I want to write an article for my website. It'll
be on where the name came from. Then I want to eat lunch
and get ready for work. I gotta be out of the house by
11:30. I don't get out until like 10. Hopefully it won't be
busy, but because it rained yesterday I'm expecting it to
be packed.

I want to get to bed by 12 again. I was a little late
yesterday but I still got 8 hours of sleep and I was proud
of myself.