Phil's Nonsense
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2001-07-08 09:03:19 (UTC)

Been a while. (7-8-01)

I know, I know, it's been two weeks. I finally found where
to change my password. Wouldn't you know it, it's in the
most obvious place. Of course me the computer tech missed

So what's been going on? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I know, I
know, it sucks.

Got a job set up for the fall, it's with the US DoJ. They
have to do a 10 year background check on me. I have a book
of papers to fill out. And this is just application
material! But they said as long as I got a clean record, I
won't have a problem. Well, never been arrested, so unless
they have a secret file on me, or found out about my
relations with Hilary Clinton. . . (just kidding)

Well, been talking with that crush of mine. Yes, I'm still
interested. Yes, I haven't asked her out, nor does it
seem to going to happen any time soon. I tried to get her
to go to a fourth party with me, but she didn't want to.
She said she didn't want to inconvienence the guy who threw
the party. The guy had openly invited over 20 people (only
about 7 showed). Me and girls just have no luck. (And
during that time when I thought I was gay, I didn't have
any luck with guys either, but looking back I think that
was a good thing)

Non-personal stuff I'm going to put in a separate post. . .

My friend Brian is going out with his ex's best friend.
That's gonna work. At least the reason the ex left him was
because she wanted to be in Ohio all the time, while the
new couple are both back here in Illinois. Personally, I
see what he sees in either girl. No offense Brian (or his
girls), but you can do better. His old girlfriend would
have been fine had she brushed her teeth. . .

Well, I guess that's it for now. I'm downloading
orchestral versions of old Nintendo game's themes. It's
pretty cool. I have Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, Metroid,
and Contra thus far. Any suggestions?

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