AngeL w/o WinGs

-=-My So Called Life-=-
2002-08-03 07:02:13 (UTC)

Here's to the Night...

Well I finished off an amazingly sucky day with an
amazingly sucky AND confusing ending. I don't know what
happened exactly, but I was caught up in my frustrated
tears from Andrew, my empty feeling about my dad leaving
soon for awhile, the stress of homework and work, and the
sad feeling about Andrew like I mentioned before. And then
somehow Marisa blew up on me for reasons unknown to me, but
right now it just seems to fit my life. Nothing makes sense
anyways. she said "god, what a friend" and i don't know but
right now i am rather upset, it's not just that, it just
all seems to be coming down on me, everything and everyone
with their perfect lives and then there's me, and nothing
is working out at all and i feel a bit out of place, and
lost. and in this time of confusion i feel even more
helpless b/c i cannot even confide in my best friend
because i just feel like i don't have a place in her life
anymore, she seems too occupied, and right now it's all
just starting to come together, and it all hurts and i
can't get this lump out of my throat. it's like i can never
win. i need to get out of here. fast.

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