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2002-08-03 06:54:02 (UTC)

Fighting and Tomorrow

Today I got a strange call while I was at Katie's (where I
am now..) My little sister called to tell me that she
didn't know where my mom was. She told me that my mom and
uncle were fighting and she kept telling him to leave. She
even threatened to call the cops. My mom and aunt left
before my uncle did and when he finally left my little
sister acme out of her room and realised my mom was gone..
she sounded pretty upset when she called me. I can't stand
this any longer. It's one thing to fight and split up but
it's another to have someone calling the cops and have ppl
fighting in front of a 13yr old. I hate ppl fighting.
Everytime someone yells at me I'm close to tears because I
have memories of all the times my aunt and uncle fought.
Everytime I heard one of them yell I was scared my uncle
would hit her. He's a big guy and he scares me.
Anyways...tomorrow.. nice topic!! hmm.. what's gonna happen
tomorrow?? Well.. Katie's parents might leave town for the
night... hmm.. ideas ideas.. first of all, Doug is coming
up from the next town..and he's bringing some
friends..OOooOOoooOHHhHHH baby!!! Well that's what we're
hoping will happen. As long as Katie's parents leave. I
still wanna see Nathan soon though. Every now and then I
can smell him. I think it's his cologne...or his soap..or
his shampoo or hair gel.... whatever it is he always smells
like it and I can smell it.. Just a little bit at a time.
It's weird. I've never been able to just smell someone who
wasn't there. I don't want him to leave next month. As much
as I say I'm not attached to him I know I am. He'll only be
8 hours away but I won't get to see him while we're in
school. It's going to drive me crazy. He told me that he
might not leave for school..but I guess he definately is
now. I hope he gets his mustang before then..he's always
talking about it. And he just msged me on msn... wow.. that
was kinda entertaining! Anyways.. It'll be weird if I hook
up with anyone else tomorrow because I haven't hooked up
with anyone else since I first hooked up with him. I'm
gonna miss that kid. Same with Cody. I had Cody whipped..
and we weren't even going out. I miss that. Ever since I
hooked up with Nathan all we do is fight. I guess life is
full of trade-offs..You get something bad in order to get
something good. I guess it's not all that bad
sometimes..but it can be.. anyways I gtg..Later