Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-08-03 06:35:50 (UTC)

feelin' weird

Ayuh, feelin' weird here.....

After getting through one hellish week (work-wise), and
finally on the road to recovery from a nasty bug, and my
spouse deciding that 'Now' is the time to clean up house
and toss out everything that does not have a use, and me
making some headway in my little project on the 'puter
using c , and me finally hammering out a budget of some
sort and suddenly realizing that I would have to get
another job me finally registering for school
and looking forward to perusing the arcane lore contained
within the textbooks, to just feeling rather hale and
healthy.... It always seems that way, really, when you get
slapped in the face with a sickness that leaves you woozy
and hacking phlegm and basically ruining your whole world
as you knew it cuz you couldn't keep up with it no
more...when you realize that you survived and that your
whole body seems to be in bloom with spring...ahhhhhhh,
refreshing...! ....still, i am sick and tired of having to
deal with this financial crisis of ours..... sure, i can
work another job, but will it do? lol, i probably ought to
quit preferring to not work, as opposed to wanting to work,
but oh well, lol, i find that whatever situation i find
myself in, i just pretty much adapt..... :) :::( :| 8^)}~~

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