OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
2001-07-08 08:06:47 (UTC)

"Can I Watch? It's My Birthday..."

Today was Travis' Bday- WHO REMEMBERS HIM?? God... it's
been forever since I've talked about him. It's been forever
since I've SEEN him. But it hasn't been forever since I've
thought about him.. Crystal just called him today from my
house and she asked him if he would pick us up and bring us
to her house so we could swim. MAN- I just thought of
something... He remembered where I lived!! That kinda makes
me happy- But, he picked us up and Crystal's
parents weren't home. And we asked Travis if he wanted to
stay and swim with us and he was like "Yea, bet it up" and
all this..and he said he had his swimming shorts in his
car, lol- And I went upstairs to change and he was
like "Hey can I watch?" and I was like "Umm.. no, not today
Travis" (but really..probably never for Travis..hehe)
Anyway, so I came down stairs and he whistled at me and I
was like- OK! lol and he was saying I had a nice body
(which was nice to hear because I am VERY self-conscious)-
But, I was about to get in the pool, but Travis decided he
wanted to pick me up and throw me in the pool, which he
did. Me and Crystal were sitting on the stairs and Travis
puts his hands like... I dunno, but he like pulls my
bathing suit top and goes "nice boobs" I was like "gee,
thanks Trav!" And me and Crystal were talking about
something and I was standing next to Travis in the pool and
I don't even remember WHAT we were talking about, but
Travis said something and Crystal said something about me
going out with older guys and then Travis was like "True!
This is the kinda girl I need" and I was
thinking 'whaaat...' But he was like "I need a girl like
you" and then he looked at Crystal and goes "I need a girl
like Brenda" and then he put his arms around my waist and
pulled me REALLY close to him and I was just
like 'boyfriend, boyfriend' *ugh* But he kept like, putting
his arms around me and stuff... and then he kept saying "I
need a Brenda.." and stuff like that and she was like so
get her and I was like 'crystal...TERRY!' and Travis was
like "aw... she doesn't want me" and I just looked at him
and smiled and he goes "Oh, TRUE" I was like huh? lol- And
Travis was telling me he would tear it up (as in, he would
tear me up).
But then we got out and everything, and me and Crystal took
a shower and then we got out, and I went outside and
chatted w/ Travis, Momma Robinson, and Daddy Robinson and
then on the way back I was like "hey Travis, your cell is
ringing" b/c it was ringing and he was like "what's the
number" so I got to reach in his car and read the number to
him- (I'm such a dork) but then, he was like, "just let it
ring" hehe.. lol- But then I went in there and watched
Travis play pool, then Crystal was like "how about you guys
play for wagers like me and *someone* did" and Travis was
asking how you play it. So I was like "You say, if I make
this ball then you have to do this or that, get it?" And he
was like ok- so we started playing and he's like if I make
this then you have to lift up your shirt now (and I think
he didn't think I had on a bra, but I was kinda praying he
did NOT make it, but he did :( geez..) So I lifted up my
shirt and he was like "damn..." but I was like, "even if I
didn't have a bra on, it wouldn't have been that great" and
he was like "man..yea it would, I don't like big chests"
and that was just kinda good to hear b/c I'm not small, but
I'm not big- but ... I dunno.
ANYWAY~ So then we made some wagers ... and one of his
was "ok, if I make this you have to kiss me" I was
like "when?" and he walked up to me and like looked at me
and was like "whenever..." and walked away and then made it-
I was like "whaaat" But yea....and I have to flash him
bare some time and ... all this other stuff-After that
he told Momma Robinson that he had to go pay his Cingular
bill (his cell phone) and he really just wanted to drive
around with us- he likes driving with him. And I KNOW I
have a boyfriend (and one whom I really DO like A LOT, and
he's a great, and he's cute, and he's got cute lil' Nick
names, and he's really sweet, and his lil' country accent
is cute...) But I'm sorry, Travis just makes me SMILE! (not
that Terry doesn't, b/c he does) and when he dances in his
car, it's just funny and cute... goodness. But anyway, we
drove around for like 30-40 minutes. Bumpin' in his car and
stuff.. it was just cool to chill and try not to worry
about anything- his motto was
"You shouldn't worry about
anything b/c today is my birthday, I'm 20! Three Eleven is
in the CD, I'm just chillin, and I'm with two girls in my
car with me..And girls that are hot"
It changed when we were in the pool b/c it was I'm chillin'
with two girls in the pool with me..and a hot girl- BUT
We got back and he's like "we went to pay my bill aight?" I
was like- "ok, dork!" - But Travis... it was just messed up
b/c he could see RIGHT through me... and he said the
sweetest things to me- One was like, he would help me, the
other one was I could talk to him, and the other one was...
"I wanna see you smile everytime I look at you girl" and
then he would smile, and his smile is just GORGEOUS...and
his eyes are just so pretty (so are Terry's eyes... they
are just SOO pretty..*sigh*)
But, then we ate some dinner, and Travis had a good
conversation about hockey, lol- We both were GOALIES!! lol-
And yea... we talked about food, and he is just so funny,
I got messed up for real... like me and Crystal was
drinking this Bacardi (sp?) Rum, and.. I was trippin' for
real. And I know I was talking to Terry and like, I said
something about a button and i could NOT say that word
right and he was like "honey, I think you are drunk" and I
was just... messed up, lol- But I'm not a hypocrite- Cuz I
told Terry it wasn't cool to drink, or something. But that
really isn't what I meant. I just meant that his breath was
just not.. very cool when it smells like beer (Beer is
gross anyway)- But Buddy told me I should go get fucked up
with him sometime (NOT liquid, fire, lol) But... yea, I
think I am gonna have a chat w/ Terry about "drugs" lol-
And.... if he gets mad at me, then he can just be mad and
get over it, cuz he WILL get over it b/c he loves me :)
Well ... he likes me a lot :) hehe ... but anyway, this
entry is LONG, so I'mma just GO!!! lol
******* Ummm.... I have to get this out- I REALLY, REALLY
LIKE TRAVIS!!!!!!!!! ******* Geez... that feels better :)