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2001-07-08 07:11:14 (UTC)

happiness day =)

i made a friend today.
and that makes me a happy girl. yes. =) that is happiness.
and he is a good person. =) he is a police man. lol. god,
if i was the me before i totally wouldnt have even like
TALKED to him. isnt it funny how when you think youre so
openminded and against all kinds of discrimination. youre
really not. heh. but =) yes. i have a friend. a good people
friend. who does good things =) and that makes me very
happy. =) because he didnt discrminate against me either.
because i dont really look very conservative. but we are
very much alike in a lot of ways. =) and this all makes me
very happy. and someone i dont really know bought me ice
cream today. and THAT made me happy too. ice cream in
general makes me happy. it is a very happy thing. but when
someone else buys it for you. and you dont know that they
bought it for you. and its a surprize. thats the BEST kind
of ice cream. and THAT is happiness too. the only thing
that wasnt happiness today really was that i didnt get to
talk to shannon =(. and we had to press charges against 5
kids at work today. hm. but ice cream and a new friend out
weighs that i think. yes. so. i had a happy good day =) one
that i needed. =) and im very happy now. =) and sleepy too
and going to bed. =) night world.