Four Rooms
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2002-08-03 03:54:13 (UTC)

Today's Recap

Well I'm quite pleased with my new plan so far. This
morning I wrote on here telling, myself mostly, what my
schedule was gonna be. I followed it pretty well, just
finishing up the last bit of it.

I got off to work pretty much on time, I left 5 minutes
late, but I still ended up being 10 miniutes early like
always. I worked Water Wars, a stupid water balloon game
that no one likes to work. My fingers were pruned and in

Anyways, I got off work and it started pouring! Thank god I
didn't get stuck there. Well I got washed up for my date,
ate, and finished getting ready. I was able to leave on
time cause the rain slowed enough for my parents to feel

We had planned on going mini golfing, but the rain canceled those
plans so we just walked around the mall for like an hour and a half.
By that time my feet were tired so we left. We drove to THE spot
(well it's not really "THE spot", I'm just not sure what to call it,
how about "a spot"?) and did a little making out, but mostly we just
sat there in each others arms. It felt good to do that cause I
hadn't really done it in such a long time. All in all I had fun.

I'd better stop writing and get to bed. I'm really tired
and I've got to keep on schedule.