Full of Secrets
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2002-08-03 03:25:14 (UTC)


Nothing that interesting happened today. All I did was
watch tv/music and draw. I really love to draw. Especialy
hands and faces. My dad is leaving for California tomorrow.
His convention is there this year. I've never been to
California and never plan to go. I don't think there's
really anything there to see there. I'd rather go to Texas.
Have I mentioned that Joe, my brother, got married? Ya to
Chasity. It's pretty weird. I've never really thought of my
brother ever having a girlfriend, and definently not a
wife. I don't really want to go to his wedding but am
probably going to be forced to. I mean why do I have to go
anyway? All I'm going to do is be bored to death. I mean
I'm suppose to get excited about going to a ceremony to wed
my brother with some girl I don't even know and then I have
to watch them kiss (groos beyond reason) and everyone
blubbering because they're "so happy" for them. I don't
think so! I'm going to find a way out of going no matter
what. Maybe fake sick or something. I've never done it
before so maybe they'll believe me.

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