2002-08-03 03:17:10 (UTC)

2day again

well 2day i wrote in here and it was morning. now it is
11:01 at night and it is thundering and lighting, it's so
cool. i feel like going out side and getting hit by
lighting. i was at the club 2day again. they have hawian
dances and shit. it was cool. my mom won. yay! well then it
started to rain it was so cool. but my friend Mageiul, his
car had a flat and then lost his keys to the car. but my mo
said he would drive him home. but then my mom didn't know
he lived in bay ridge. so she drove him to my house and we
chilled and talked, while we where waiting 4 the cab. but
it was cool. he nice. he told me that he saved this old
person from dieing yesterday. she was diabetic and didn't
have enuff suga so he gave her some suga and orange juice
and saved her life. i m so proud of him lol. but i miss
Angelo so much. i don't even know if he's going to b at the
concert 2morrow :( but i will c lots of my friends. and
it's Jamie's birthday on Sunday. i'm going to go to eat
with her family. it her 16th b-day. i wish her many yrs.
wow im tried and shit. i miss a lot of people Chris and
David and his sis went to Delaware and won't b back till
Sunday. well mostly all of the life guards went. they
invited me but i know i couldn't go cuz im to young. yah i
hang out with people 5 yrs older then me but there so much
better the the lil 10yrs olds and every thing. i luv my
friend Chris. well actually we luv eachother. where always
fighting. and people r always asking if where married, or
going out. but we always answer where like bro and sis.
it's cool. but some times i wish we were'nt cuz i use to
have a big crush on him. but he's nice. w joke around a
lot. right now im watching Ace Ventura Pet Detective. its
so cool . i luv that movie. well my weekend it full. i
think im going to have a nice summa 4 once. i gotz lots of
friends. its going to good so far. ahh Angelo.... i still
miss him. oh yah i would like to say hi to sum1 hi Ricky
yur cool 4 reading all this way. well till 2morrow talk


Francesca a.k.a FrankEe C the queen