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2002-08-03 02:46:28 (UTC)

August 2nd-uhh

Today was... kinda weird. I went shopping today @
Northpark, and i tried to find a purse for Keemi.. but
there isnt too much out there. After that, my mom told me
she made me an appt to go see the Dr. (i was sick). So i
go there.. and i get an idea that maybe i should ask her to
take my freaking mole off my neck (it has been killing
me). I ask her, and she told me i couldnt.. so i was
pissed. She finally let me, but it hurt! They gave me
shots in my neck that hurt like no other! I guess it was
worth the pain b/c now i dont have to worry about the
freaking mole. The i got some meds, and that was all.
After i got home, i was really drowsy and tired from all
the drugs they gave me. I tried to read some Frankenstein
b/c i have a test really soon.. but i couldnt! So i went
in my bed and though about "things" for a while. I kinda
slept.. but not really. Then my mom told me to come watch
a movie.. so i did (but i cant watch movies) but i fell
asleep about 1/2 way thru it.. no maybe about 1/10 way thru
it. Then Keemi called to ask me about Jamaica.. and i
totally dont remember what she asked me. I hope i didnt
piss her off or something b/c i dont know if i said
something bad. Well after i woke up and realized it, i
called her and told her i was sorry! I feel so bad!
I guess my time right now is just... so... uhhh.. i dont
know! I mean i am really excited about going to Jamaica
with Keemi.. but i have so many things going on.. that i
dont want to be a jerk while i am in Jamaica. The one
thing is about my friend named Becky. Keemi and Becky were
friends b4 they met me, so i guess i was the last one in
the "secret society". I just feel bad b/c i dont want the
one to get mad at me for talking to the other. Anyhow,
well Becky is acting really weird.. and it makes me
wonder. She says she's not mad.. but she doesnt talk to us
@ all! I mean what does she expect for us to do.. come
calling her? I tried to email her to see how she was, but
she didnt respond. Then i saw her online and she said she
was going to go. She seemed really pissed off at me.. and
it just makes me so upset. Keemi saved me b/c i was about
to start crying.. but she called, so i had to stop! Thanks