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2001-01-10 21:10:17 (UTC)

*Shanen* Didn t get to write..


Didn't get to write yesterday, I was very very busy=(
After bball(around 6) it was already really dark and all I
wanted to do was hide under my covers and fall asleep
forever, but....I had to do a project with Cait n Amanda.
So they came over and we needed to videotape a Jerry
Springer-like talk show we had to act out(long story on
why...but believe me it IS world studies reltated). We
needed more actors so we called over 2 of my neighbors and
made Andrew come over too. So after we did a totally sucky
job of acting this skit out, Amanda tells us this morning
the video tape never worked. UGH!Ooh and Andrew was going
thru one of those 'horny moments' and wouldnt stop doin
stuff to Amanda, we felt kinda bad for her. So we had to
preoccupy Andrew's mind by pretending we were interesting
in watching him do the worm and attempt to break dance.

After they left(9pm) I totally passed out and fell
asleep 'till I heard my mom screaming my name this morning
telling me I was late and the bus would be there in 10min.
Oh wait, before I fell asleep I called Matt to say
goodnight, I dunno it was just an idea that popped into my
head, but that didnt exactly work.

Today was just as boring. Lotza picture taking(for clubs).
I only had 3 to go to, but hey, that's three classes to get
out of=)Ended up running into Kris R. at two of the
pictures, ahh scary stuff, I tried to hide behind Erin
before he saw me, oops too late, he is asking me as we
speak why I did that....

I have bball tonight from 6-7:30(thank God itz not a long
practice). Just found out Jennie's having a party soon. I
heard rumors about it...heard there was gonna be no
parents, lotza beer and weed. I was telling everyone, "No I
don't think her house is going to be parent-less and I
doubt there'll be beer n weed" and they replied, "did she
tell u that?" and she didnt cuz i never asked, and they
said she told them. so after i told her this lil piece of
info. she was really shocked cuz her mom/dad will be home,
and she didnt know anything about beer/weed. thatz a major
uh-oh for her....wonder what'll happen.

To Matt: First of all...143....ur the greatest

(after reading last entry) I'm glad you didn't steal that
cd=) cuz that just made me remember(wow i had actually
4gotten) that even for steal something that small you can
get in MAJOR MAJOR trouble, i know this from yet, another
one of my brother's adolesent mistakes, lol. He was in ALOT
of trouble, and I'm not even counting my parents. Thye make
you do alotta essay writing and courts stuff and community
service, i dunno, i just remembered that n was thinking
about it, so what better place to write it down than this

Well I guess I will go now and begin to discuss carpooling
options for tonight with Jessi and Kristen. To anyone who
actually took out their time to read this, and ACTUALLY
made it to the end, thanx.


Reminder to self: (So i wont 4get) I saw Mr. Clark trying
to hide and looking around nervously as he was getting
picked up from school today so that no one would see his
mommy was picking him up, hehe. (Mr. Clark= young in
college subsitute who is the wrestling coach...yes most of
the female population in our school is in love with the guy)