2001-07-08 06:07:34 (UTC)

"if i told you i love you, would you take it the wrong way?"

"I'd take it however you want me to"-foxfire

hehe... aww. hmm. im really tired and really stressed. i
think im pmsing. my familys guna be here in a few days and
moms spazzing out about it adn i dont blame her i kinda am
too but its not so big of a deal to me, i just hope things
go smoothly enough..

anyway. i work tomorrow. i so dont want to i hate it i
just like sit there waiting for the time to change... if i
make one more activation i'll make 25 more dollars though i
think im not really sure how it works but it sucks im so
not making enough money.

i chilled with caroline today.. like she came over and we
went to cd warehouse and infinite mushroom and she met
ashley and she had to take matt somewhere and he was mean
to me being an asshole as usual and then we went to her
house and harold and maudes and i like her i think shes
really cool... i hope im not wrong. i really hope im not
wrong. and like. aquarius's.. are not compatible with
scorpios. like in any way. like. they dont even
understand jealousy. and they like, like everybody. so
they make scorpios jealous. and they dont need people. i
dont know. im also starting to worry cus moms acting weird
all like thinking im spending a lot of time with her which
i am but i so dont need her freaking out because this could
be a really good thing. i like her, and also, shes really
helping me i think. i dont know. im soo tired and my dads
here and that makes me mad and i dont want to go to work
tomorrow and i dont want to go back to that fuckign school
and i dont want mom to be mad about anything and i dont
feel happy right now.. im guna go to sleep.....