Dirty Fractyl
2002-08-02 21:18:12 (UTC)

another awfully inspiring poem of mine

I wrote this filled with rays of hope and disgust this
morning. Okay, so maybe it was just the latter.

"An Epic too typical of me to deserve a title"

We've stumbled too long in the light,
Our fears casted in shadows,
Our dreams technicolor mirages--
These digital memories, too, are not eternal,
Fading remembrances of past triumphs.

We've waged this civil war too long,
Interspecific conflict,
Arising through greed, not need,
Benevolence mere mimicry;
WHEN shall the meek inherit the world?

Behind closed doors, stasis is perpetuated,
The unknown is more deadly
Than the splitting of P-U-2-4-2
And the cold war against progress continues--------

Conflicting dogmatic desires
serve the conditioned,
Yet fail to serve anyone.
Are we destined to serve iconoclasts?

Our failed progeny
Grasp anthropomorphism,
Wading gold hunters
In a barren stream.

These brittle
we employ
Can scratch the oxidation of change,
Reveal the truth,
And leave man to perish in the rust.
Divinity's a flawless hoax.

This vacant battlefield
Once was fertile,
Yet the barren deposits of ignorance
Have rendered it useless;
The procession of faith will not cease.

Porque tanto amó Dios al mundo,
que dio a su Hijo unigénito,
para que todo el que cree en él
no se pierda, sino que tenga vida eterna...

These man-written prophecies
Fuel a flame
That conflagrates reason,
Reducing wonder to obesiance,
Leaving the sheep
To file towards the steppes
Deliriously awaiting their death,
Drugged on the opiate of faith,
As the sun bleaches their remains.

We've stumbled too long in this light,
Rejoicing in our destruction,
As we sew our own body bags.