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2002-08-02 20:57:15 (UTC)

She loves me

That was a relief. She e-mailed me telling me that she still loves me and that she hasn't been on much for other reasons. I love her so much, she's great, I just miss her when she's gone. I'm still a little stressed out because of the upcoming school year. I don't think I'll have much trouble in Anthropology and Buisness Managment, but I know I'll have lots of hard work in my English Honors, US Government Honors and Triginometry classes. Oh well, I'll just half ass everything and come out with A's and B's, haha. That still doesn't solve my transportation issue. I'm going to ask my mom again for some help. I'll need to swallow my pride, but I do need a car. I'll pay her back with interest, but I still think she will tell me to go to hell. My sister told me that if I graduate with Honors she'd buy me a car. Well, I'm already set to graduate with honors, but I know she won't buy me a car. Oh well, I'll have to find another job since the one that Daniel told me he would get me has fallen through. I'll probably call him today and ask if he could take me to the mall or something to start filling out applications. I also need a job because I was at guitar center and I found this great sounding Ibenez Bass for $800 and an amp that I want for $900. I'll probably put the both of them on layaway though so I can save up for a car. I need to put down 25% on each item to put them on layaway. It will come out to about $425. I might just go for the amp though and get the bass later. It's a 5 string, that's why I want it. I have a 4 string Fender Precision Series right now, but I just want more options. I think 6 string basses are ugly, so I think a 5 string will be perfect for me. Plus, with a job, I can get a late birthday present for Trailer. I wanted to get something for her earlier, but a lack of funds prevented me from doing so. Well, I think I have written enough for today. Bye bye.