Welcome to my life...
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2002-08-02 20:49:29 (UTC)

Good or Bad Day...?

Hiya! I'm Shayne... Not too fond of the name but it
seems to be what I'm stuck with! :-P I'm a female in the
11th Grade and I live in Northern Indiana, the good ol'
land o' corn! I have a few close friends who I like to hang
out with quite often, my best friend, Katie, of 9 and a
half years (who recently discovered a man and I don't much
approve of it cuz he's leaving in a year and already knows
he's gonna break up with her soon)And my other main gurl is
Salina AKA Squee(Loves to draw/watch anime and I'm starting
to enjoy watching it myself!) I have an interest in this
guy (David) who is interested in me but has a very odd way
of showing it. We've gotten together and broken up 3 times
already in the past year and a half, but we always manage
to stay friends(which would explain why we get back
together every time). Except for the last time.

As a matter of fact, I saw him yesterday at our local
festival. He was with his friends Stephanie, Julio, and
some other chick (I never caught her name). It would've
been nice to see him there, but there's a minor detail that
makes that not possible. HE WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE IN
TOWN!!!! Two weeks ago, he told me that he wasn't gonna be
in town for another 3 weeks. Well, needless to say, I had
to find out what was going on... I found him about an hour
and a half later and I asked him why he didn't call me when
he got back into town... "I lost your number" was the
response I got from him. How could he have lost my number!?
He's had it memorized the entire time I've known him! So I
figured why argue about it and let it go. I walked with him
for a couple minutes and realized I had to get back to
Salina and Katie. I asked him to meet up with me at 5:30 in
front of the ferris wheel so that we could hang out a
little bit.

I get back to Katie and Salina and it's about 4:30 so
I have an hour before I have to meet up with David. I'm
told by my little sister (Dayna) that we can't move from
that spot until my parents arrive. Great... They had
better hurry up and get here otherwise I was gonna miss
meeting up with David! Salina kept telling me not to worry
about meeting up with him cuz he wasn't gonna show up
anyways... I knew him better than that and he knew better
than to NOT show up. Five o'clock rolls around and we're
still sitting there. Salina leaves with Kevin, April, and
Katie (another Katie and all of them are also my friends)
to go to a thing called Higher Grounds.

My mother finally shows up at 5:15 and says we have to
wait for my father to get there. So the remaining four of
us (Katie, Dayna, Danielle[Dayna's best friend], and Me)are
sitting there with my mom. I told my mom that I had to
meet up with David in 15 minutes and she understood and
said she was gonna take Dayna and Danielle to the front
gate so they wouldn't miss my dad when he came in... YAY!!!
I go to meet up with David and I'm sitting in front of the
ferris wheel by 5:20. Katie and I are talking for a while
and time passes until I finally ask a near-by lady what
time it is. "5:45," she says. I swear at that point in
time I could've filled an ocean with all the tears that
coulda come outta those few words. But I didn't cry. I
just said Thank you and sat there making up all these
excuses as to why he never showed up. He had said that his
mom was picking him up at 8 so he could go to work at 9 and
work until midnight. I thought Damn... I had better find
him. I never found him. So Katie and I played a very
addicting game. The one where you put in the coins and the
moving wall in the back of the game pushes the coins
forward until they fall off the front ledge and you can
keep playing until you run outta coins. I spent 5 dollars
there on 40 coins. I was playing that game for an easy 2
hours. (The guy behind the counter kept giving me free
coins and throwing free toys into mine so i could trade
them in for more coins.)

About 9 o'clock, my parents wanna leave and find me
and Katie just walking around. They had already found my
sister. She wanted to go on one last ride and so everyone
walked there and then she changed her mind. My parents
told her to wait there until they got a corn on the cob and
a sno-cone. My friend Crystal was waiting in line already
for the ride and she asked me if I wanted to ride with
her. I went on that ride and had sooooo much fun! We both
got off, she went off with one of her friends and I went
down to where Katie, Dayna, and Danielle we're waiting for

We were still waiting for my parents to get back when
I looked past Katie and saw David getting drug by some gurl
towards another ride. He saw me but didn't wave or
anything. He just looked at me and kept on going. After my
parents got back, we went home and I practically passed out
as soon as I hit my pillow.

Much Love,