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Trixies in the Wind
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2002-08-02 20:07:08 (UTC)

If theyd just let me out...

"'If they'd just let me out!' cried Strat.
Since they were not going to let him out, Katie
continued to say nothing on that subject. She felt
terribly sorry for him. It was easier for her, because she
had not known much else.
'Katie, if you could get out,' asked Strat, 'where
would you go?'
Katie did not laugh bitterly. She simply heard his
question. 'I have nowhere to go. I am deformed. I will
always be deformed. No one would want me.'
Douglass sniffled, making his 'read to me' sound.
Katie picked up her Bible and read.
'They'd have put Jesus in an insane asylum,' said
'No,' said Katie, 'because he was beautiful. And so
were his disciples. To be ugly is the worst thing. Nobody
forgives you for that.'"
-Out of Time, Caroline B. Cooney

Granted, its a sixth graders book, and the second in a
series of like, 5, but isnt that a sick, sick, sad point?
I mean, beauty is so overrated. It makes me sick.
Everyone is beautiful in their own ways.

I just wish everyone would see that too.

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