Rantings of a Crazed Mom
2001-07-08 05:04:16 (UTC)

Saturday July 7th

Howdy hi -

What a crazy few days it has been. Moira has been sleeping
in our bed while Paul and I work at night, in her room. So
far, all the carpet is out, most of the walls are sanded
down, and most of the furniture is out. ALl we have left to
do is prime and paint the walls and put down the Pergo
floors. I hope we finish soon - sleeping on the couch is
really starting to suck...

Big day for Moira tomorrow (Sunday) She will be 5 - I can't
believe my baby will be FIVE fricking years old. I am so
proud of her ::sigh::We have a wedding to go to on Subday
as well. Ya know, who the hell gets married on a SUNDAY at
3PM?? What a pain in the ASS this is going to be. Plus, I
am still not thrilled to have Joan watch both girls. Thank
goodness that Don will be there...as well as Barb, Tom,
John, and hopefully Siobhan too. I know it will be the day
from hell - Olivia can be SUCH a booger sometimes!

Have been in the pool today and yesterday too - of course,
it has actually been COOL outside - in the beginning of
July? What's up with THAT??? But, Moira loves the pool!
It's so cute to watch her swim - or at least attempt to
swim. Now - if I could only find swimmies!!!

Found out a former HS classmate (and former best friend in
grammer school) had died. I cried when I heard about it,
even though I haven't heard from her since HS and I didn't
even hang out with her once we even GOT to HS. What a
shame. I wish I had known about the service - I would have
attended that. Kristen - I will miss you babe - and no one
ever wanted to brush my hair nearly as much as you. RIP babe