Holy Monkey Noodle
2001-07-08 04:57:30 (UTC)

the damn god convo after the phone call

AntiCrombie005: uh... what was that about???
XvROKvX: What was what about?
AntiCrombie005: you just kinda hung up on me....
XvROKvX: O:-)
AntiCrombie005: no... really... it wasn't funny....
XvROKvX: Sorry. I'm kinda sketch when it comes to religion.
AntiCrombie005: If it is b/c of my little omment about
AntiCrombie005: sorry... but this is how I feel... and if
you don't like it i am sorry...
AntiCrombie005: ok So I am not sure if there really is a
God.... but if there is be isn't as great as everyone tries
to make him out to be,,,,
XvROKvX: It's ok. Just do me a favor and try not to be yo
sacreligious around me, and I'll try not to ve so sensitive.
AntiCrombie005: I am sorry... I am the way I am and I don't
change for anyone....
XvROKvX: I know
AntiCrombie005: and I feel the way I feel and I will
express my feelings the way I want and when I want
AntiCrombie005: and I really don't care what anyone else
believes.... well because I don't care ehat they think
about how I feel
XvROKvX: Well, I'm glad that your willing to compromise.
AntiCrombie005: well i wouldn't really consider it a
AntiCrombie005: I never said I would do anything....
XvROKvX: I was being sarcastic
AntiCrombie005: ohh ok...
AntiCrombie005: sorry you don't argee with me...
AntiCrombie005: so what now you won't even talk to me??
XvROKvX: I will....
XvROKvX: I'm not feeling to good right now.
AntiCrombie005: about?
AntiCrombie005: why??
XvROKvX: Don't worry. I'll get over it
AntiCrombie005: no tell me.. cuz in all honesty it kinda
pissed me off the way you handled the whole
situation....and I am not one to get mad
XvROKvX: Honestly, I am a little over-sensitive when it
comes to people disrespecting my religious beliefs. So,
when you did, I got a litte mad, but I didn't want to argue
about it with you, so I hung up the phone instead.
AntiCrombie005: well you didn't stop and think that maybe
it would piss me off when you hung up....
XvROKvX: I'm sorry. The only thing that passed through my
head in that second was "Oh shit, I don't want to yell at
her and make her mad"
AntiCrombie005: well I would rather talk about it rather
than be hung up on...
XvROKvX: I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking. That's how I react
to my anger is to get away. Otherwise I might blow up, and
that can never be good.
AntiCrombie005: uhg....
XvROKvX: Sorry.
AntiCrombie005: uhg,,,, i am so sick of that word... why is
everyone sorry... why can't anyone ever stand up for what
they did instead of givng up on how they feel
XvROKvX: Because the whole point of me hanging up was to
keep you from getting mad at me. It wouldn't make much damn
sense to piss you off now, would it?
AntiCrombie005: well you don't understand.....
AntiCrombie005: I would much rather you talk to me about it
than hearing a dial tone...
AntiCrombie005: Dial tones piss me off
AntiCrombie005: not stupid shit like religion
XvROKvX: See, and that right there is what pisses me off.
People saying stuff like "stupid shit like religion".
AntiCrombie005: uhg...
XvROKvX: Would you stop saying that?
AntiCrombie005: no...
AntiCrombie005: You feel how you feel and I feel how I feel
AntiCrombie005: uhg.. and it is a shame they are two WAY
different thoughts
XvROKvX: I'm going to bed now. I'm sorry that this happened.
AntiCrombie005: yeah ok.. night
XvROKvX: I'll email you tomorrow. I can't even think right
now. I'm to tired. My head feels like it got hit by a large
AntiCrombie005: ok... whatever.. night
XvROKvX: What?
AntiCrombie005: nothing good night