Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-08-02 19:04:44 (UTC)

Still begging, all alone tonight

I"m still begging my mom 4 a belly button peircing, i want
it sooo bad. She's still pissing me off though becuase she
wont leav me alone and she doesent understand how depressed
i am. i was crying sooo much last night and i felt truely
miserable. i still do but tonight my friend Stephanie is
comming over and my parents wont be home, there gonna be at
a santana concert and so me and steph are gonna go out and
try to get sum beer or maybe i can get some weed from brian
tonnight. i dunno, i dont really feel like calling him,
maybe i'll do it later. I really hope i do sumthing becuase
i'm aching inside and i'd doanyhting to escape 4 even 10

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