Holy Monkey Noodle
2001-07-08 04:44:19 (UTC)

Of All Things... God....

OK so here I am in the middle of a phone convo with a
friend.. and he says somethng about God right... and I am
like yeah well who cares what "he did" and well next thing
I know I hear a dial tone... So I get pissed right... and I
have the right to be right??? HELL YEAH I DO!!! Everyone is
entitled to their own thoughts and feelings...So I get back
on here to find out what the hell it was about and he was
like that was very sacreligous of you... And I was like
so... that is how I am... Not that I worship the devil but
still... I really don't get into the whole bible deal
right... and well so I explain my feelings on God right....
and now the lil fucker won't talk to me... UHhHHhhGGGGgggGG
ok so this is how I feel so I will never forget... Ok so I
am not sure if there is a God, but if there is he just
isn't as great as everyone tries to say he is... and well
that is about it.. AhHhhHhhHhH Uhg... hMmMm well for now i
am done with my bitching... might have more laterZ