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2001-07-08 04:27:09 (UTC)

I Went Campin/ I Hate My Momma

Emotion: P!ssed
Diary Log: #11
Reality Check: I MISS TIMMY!!
Prior To: I...don''s been a long time
Thinking Of: I wish it was next weekend so that Timmy would
be comin home from cali tomorrow!
Who’s online: No one important.
Word of the Day: n/a again sorry(I lost the dictionary)

I had fun throwin a fit today I basically wrote my diary
entry in the e-mail I sent to Timmy today so I'll just post

In a way, I wish you were here to talk to, but then again
I'm glad that you're not...let me rephrase're
lucky you're not here. I'm not going to say some of what I
did because I'm sure you are having fun and in the best
mood so I don't want to ruin that. I'm just have a bit of a
confession to make...I'm a spoiled little brat. If I don't
get my way I whine and cry until I do. If that doesn't
work, I trash 1 or 2...sometimes in the house.
So I don't stay grounded very long. With that in mind, when
I came home from my camping trip, my mom said that I was no
longer allowed on her computer. My computer doesn't have
the internet anymore so I got really pissed. I started
screaming and crying, that didn't work. I went into the
bathroom, looked at the sink, up at the mirror, and down
towards the sink again. I filled the sink to the brim with
water and added a little of every kind of soap in the
bathroom. When I finished doing that, I took the bubbles of
the top and spread them on the ceiling. Then I put some of
the water on my dog, who was locked in the bathroom with
me, so she would shake it all over the place. After she had
finished shaking I splashed the rest of the water out of
the sink and onto the floor and rugs. I then left the
bathroom, allowing my wet dog run through the house
shaking, and went into my playroom. I took the powder from
above the TV and shook it over everything, the room was
white when I was done. I also took everything that I could
find that sprayed and squirted it in my mother's room. It
smelled so awful in there when I was done. After I had done
that I took a nap and waited for my mom or Brian to tell me
I could get back on the computer. I just woke up and they
obviously have let me on their computer now. The house is
clean again, but my mom's room still smells. I haven't
spoken to Brian or my mother since I was told I couldn't
get on their computer. I have screamed at them though. Now
tell me, do I sound at all spoiled to you? That's what I
Love always,

So I'm spoiled. You agree? My mother and my daddy think I
am too. I gotta go now. g'night

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