the life of a not so perfect KT girl
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2001-07-08 04:22:47 (UTC)




***VIN DESSIL IS SOOOO HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

Hummm well i have my good days and my bad days .. and like
i am just sitting here listening to all these songs and I
am all * man i miss how my life use to be * I miss my old
friends and the ones i lost ! I mean like i have had a lot
of people just pop in and outta my life resently .. well
actually in the past year and 1/2 I miss everything i use
to do .. I miss going out and partying I miss EVERYONE ..
I mean I have friends and stuff down here but like i can
not really be like what /who i really am around here b/c i
have to uphold a certian place in the community's eyes and
i am like screaming inside that i just wanna be one of the
* incrowd *
I mean really not to many people know the real me .. I try
to hide it back b/c i am scared of what people will think
or if it is socially acceptable .. yes i don't act like i
am hiding anything but I am .. I am a good liar when i have
to be and i can hide things really easily .. I mean there
are things about my past that only i know and that only i
will know b/c i mean .. they could really hurt some of the
things i have going for me .. : (
I dunno i try to happy and make everyone smile and i never
am smiling inside .. I mean i will never be like al the
other gurls .. i will always be the not so different pne
but enough different to get noticed for it and when people
here my acsent the audomatically deduct 200 iq points ..
* oh yeah while i am thinking about .. for everyone who has
not see the fast and the furious .. u should be shot it was
the best movie i have ever seen .. and that cute bald
guy .. with the muscles .. oh yeah :) * wink wink **
but u know what i give up and if u don't like me go to hell
i can't do this crap anymore .. like i said get over it or
move on !
i dunno i gotta go .. i feel REALLY REALLY sick now !

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