my mixed up world
2001-07-08 04:06:27 (UTC)

Lonely thoughts

Standing at the beach
Lost in lonely thoughts
Wondering, worring
All about him
Does he think of me
Does he care
Do I even cross his mind
My one word man
Ok, cool, word the only things
That escape past his lips
Do they mean just what he says
Or is there something more
Something he's thinking
But doesn't vocalize
How I wish I could reand his thoughts
But maybe I wouldn't want to hear
All the things that he won't say
Would it hurt me to know how he felt
Would I cry, sob, break down
How would it feel
Sometimes I sit and wonder
Maybe he says he loves me just
Because I say it and mean it
If I had never said it
Where would that put us?
He'd never know
We'd never talk
Maybe he'd still be taken
Or maybe not
Maybe he'd be with
Someone else
Someone better, prettier
I don't know
Is he not with someone
Because he doesn't want to
Doesn't want to what
Hurt me
He's a big boy if he wanted to
Wanted to what
To be with someone else he'd
He'd what
He'd be with her
Then what is it
I don't know
Am I too moody
He says that I'm moody
I don't know maybe
Maybe what
Maybe I am
Too moody
I do get emotional but
But isn't that normal
Doesn't everyone
No just you
You're alone in the world
Noone has had their heart
Broken in two
Or felt this way
My life is a song
A country song