Nicky's World
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2002-08-02 16:08:28 (UTC)


someone called this morning and let it ring like 50 times
so i got to answer it and they hung up. then i could not go
back to sleep.grrrr...

yesterady i went to the mall. i might be getting a job at
sears. i hope i do. that would be cool.

i need a car! what is the point in being 16 if you don't
get to drive? i mean i could drive the honda but it's a 5
speed and it kinda scares me.

i talked to brittani last night we've kinda grown apart.
which sucks. we used to be such good friends. i wish the
old brittani would come back.the before ohio brittani. the
drug free one. i don't want anything bad to happen to her.
if you read this i love you!

guys.... i havn't talked about guys in a while. right now i
don't like any. i have no crushes or anything. i don't like
matt i havn't liked him for a while and i don't know why i
ever did. he gets on my nerves cause he's so smart and
always has put his smart 2 cents in about everything. but
we're still friends.

i think me and one of my guy friends are become closer. i
mean closer friends. like best friends almost. that's
really cool cause i have always wanted a guy best friend
that would be the coolest thing ever.

i'm out.

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