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sumtimes life gets alittle bit crazy
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2002-08-02 15:30:28 (UTC)


I am so in love with him ... so into everything he is ...
his eyes are so beautiful his skin so dark and smooth his
smile makes me want to kiss him forever. I guess in his
point of view we are doing good that everything is ok and
please dont get me wrong ... we are ok but i just wish
that in sum ways things were different that he were more
romantic ...more affectionate. i love spending every day
with him and his family he does make me happy and i know
thats what he tries so hard to do. even though he makes me
happy ... he also makes me so mad ... and so confused. yet
at the same time even if he makes me so mad... i know he
doesnt really know it cuz i dont say it right at that moment
but sumtimes he does something to make it better and then he
never even knew he just helped himself out. which i guess
what makes me love him even more but like his aunt tells me
that i am more mature than he is when it comes to
relationships because hes a year younger... and i guess he
hasnt been in really no serious relationships and i feel
lost sometimes because i kinda expect him to know what to do
or say to me and to not be confused about how to handle
things and go run to his parents... his aunt tells me so
much about him and how he asks her all these questions...
but when she tells me she makes him sound like a little baby
when she explains how he asks her if he is doing something
wrong with me or if something is ok for him to be doing.
I wish he would ask me ... you know .. just ask me if he is
doing things right or wrong. I love him though the way he
is so comfortable around me. and i am getting there
eventually i will be comfortable around him.... 2bcon't.