De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-08 03:26:56 (UTC)

Fast and Furious

Harlow again! Okie, so we cant live w/o our computers : P
so here's an update again. I'm in a video rental store
called United Video on a street called Courtenay Place,
paid $3 for 1/2 hrs of internet usage. : P

Well much have happened since the last update. Let me start
with yesterday.

We visited the Te-Pappa Museum right after lunch at Burger
King's (a meal cost around NZ$5). Te-Pappa is located just
adjacent to the harbour. Needles to say, the view there is
awesome. You can see the snow-capped mountains as well as
the fast-moving clouds. Extremely windy there though. Havta
make sure you hold on to ur stuff tightly. There, me and my
friend Yoke Leng, saw some kids riding on this odd looking
bicycle hybrid, called the Crocodile Quadricycle. Basically
it's a bicycle with steering wheels for 2 : P So we decided
to try as well, it was really fun cycling by the harbour,
enjoying the sights and the cool wind.

Te-Pappa is a multi-media , interactive museum, much like
our Science Centre, except it is free. As we were running
late then, we only managed to cover one storey of the
museum, on the Natural Landscapes of NZ and its Earthquake
histories. It is quite enjoyable but we do not have time to
visit the Versace Fashion Exhibition at the 4th storey.
Well mabee next time.

At night, after another cheesy meal of casserole with
mutton, I finally met my roommate Dai Jian. It was quite
comical, I was napping when he appeared suddenly, so I was
quite blur when I introduced myself. Sheesh, talk about
first impressions : P Well Dai Jian , or I shall call him DJ for
short, is from Shanghai. He has graduated with a degree in Commerce
and Information System and is currently pursueing his post-grad
degree here. A point I did not mentioned was that the house I live in
is mainly populated with post-graduates, so they are pretty much
older than us. But actualli, I am considered quite old (23 years) for
an undergraduate and that's why they put me there : P (Dun forget we
guys havta serve NS!! )

Soon he has introduced me to his frens whom he went on a road trip to
Auckland with. Teddy, Wayne, Leena, Ah-Jiao, Michael, Kyoko,
David,Patrick, an odd-squad of post-grads from different nations like
Shanghai, Indonesdia, Japan, Singapore... Rowen, our Resident Advisor
in Andrea Brander House (AB House) dropped by too. He's quite a
friendly fellow. I was taught an NZ slang "Sweet Ass, Mate" ???
meaning, eveything's okay and cool.. but god knows whether i dare to
use it ..hehhe mabee one day : P Anyway, he was juz trying to
download some MP3 and we spent sometime tryin to figure out how to
get the song (w/o Napster boohoo) . I was rather bemused when Kyoko
and Dai Jian spent some time tryin to figure out my Chinese name in
Japanese. hehehe...

whoa. 8 mins left... :P

next morning it rained...was freezing when i got out of the house.
Dai Jian showed us another way down to town. It was way faster and
easier to get down to town. We then walked for distance tryin to find
some place to buy a table lamp!!! it was realli tuff tryin to find
one... and we have not found one yet

Lunch was at a 24hrs lunch trailer parked outside the railway
station. It was a delicious meal of toasted sandwich and bacon roll.
We sat in the railway station and feasted. We dare not eat at the
table outside the trailer as it was too windy and the birds there are
so aggressive!!

AFter lunch we took a bus to Courtenay Place and here we are now : P
We juz found the movie theartre screenin the current Incredible Film
Fest (all alternative films) and the Wellington Film Festival, u
betcha we'll catch the movies here. Couternay Place is more
alternative compared to the up-market Lambton Quay, there's a lot of
novelty shops of cehap bargains, We tryin to see what cheap stuff we
can buy. so far we bought a giant poster for onli $1!! the film
posters cost only $2 here.. although the choices are quite limited.

Well, here wer are, with 3 mins left to type ;P...gosh , i've never
typed so furiously all my life : P

well, i tink i betta end this long update now, most prob later we'll
catch a movie and explore the rest of the place, including a chessy
sounding Mr Chan's food store

tell u more next time...cya and take care!!!