The Daily Babble
2001-07-08 03:10:00 (UTC)

Boring ....boring...

So Jill did end up coming over last nite...I almost thought
she was going to bail on me cuz she didn't call til like
9:30! So of course I started to get upset but then she
said she was going to come over...I was a lil disappointed
cuz I thought she would sleep over but she didn't.

She stayed over til like 1:30 and we just caught up on
things...I told her about the Old Navy Incident and she
cracked up....She talked to Dave on the phone when he
called and I chatted with Jeff online for a while and then
we both just got so tired so she decided to go home. I
talked to Jeff for like another 10 minutes and then went to

Today was kinda boring...Jeff and I just left messages to
each other all day cuz he was going to Connecticut with his
parents to visit family...I didn't do much except I did
make a frame for my sister. See, I bought her the same
letters Jeff had gotten me for my birthday last year, I
bouht them for her birthday cuz I knew she wanted
them....So anywayz, they were just sitting in the closet
cuz I didn't have a frame for them, so today I went to AC
Moore and made a frame outta construction paper. Hehe. I
know its kinda cheap, but it looks pretty cool....

Now I'm trying to figure out a way to get out for the Psi U
banquet. Any ideas people?

Well today's a short entry...things have been boring! goodnite all!