Four Rooms
2002-08-02 12:51:45 (UTC)

Today's Schedule. (Boring stuff)

Well, like I said last night, I'm going to start writing
down everything I want to get done, each day in here, to
help motivate me. Today's is gonna be kinda short cause
most of my day will be filled up with activities that will
take a lot of time.

This morning I'm gonna get ready for work and leave by
10AM. Then, after work, I'm gonna start getting ready for
my date, then I'll eat dinner, and finish getting ready for
my date. I want to be out of the house by 6:15PM. After
my date I'm gonna get ready for bed and be in bed by

I'm gonna write in here everyday saying what I'm going to
do that day. I'll call it "Daily Schedule" so you guys know
to skip it, if you don't care what I'm going to do that
day. Last night I had trouble getting to sleep because soo
much was on my mind. Maybe I'll have to write what's on my
mind at the end of the day to. That should prove to be a
little more interesting.


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