Mysterious Attitude
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2001-07-08 02:55:27 (UTC)

Saturday July 7,2001

*Time: 9:23pm
*Wearing: Silk bear and heart pjs
*Jewelry: My cross ring, my nugget ring, my cross neckless,
and my 2 bracklets... one of them broke :(
*Hair: Down messed up... cuz I haven't brushed it today
*Listenin to: nothing
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Song of the day : Take It To Tha House-Trick Daddy
*Weather: Its nighttime... and it's sorta hot
*Talking to : Rachel
*Mood: Happy and nervous
*Thinking: Umm... I wonder if Adrian is goin to really buy
me suthing when we meet tomorrow....

Today I was woke up by the yelling of my uncle telling me
that Adrain was on the phone... It was like 10:30am and I
was sleepin so good cuz the lighing helped me sleep... so I
was like damn.. I have only been sleepin for like 5
hours.... and the boy decides to call me now... lol So I
picked up the phone in my room... and with this " just got
up.. u better leave my ass alone" sound of tone I was like
hi... what's up?¿ and he was like nothing u... so I go
nothin really... just got up... and we talked for a LONG
time... till like 1:30pm... we even played a lil game
of... name the tune... lol We didn't really talk sexual and
when we did we were jokin so that was cool... so we hung up
cuz my uncle had just brought back my food.. so I let him
go so I could eat... and I told him I would call him at
around 6... he was like aight cool... and we hung up...
Then I got online... to find him and Erica on... so I was
talkin to them... and Erica wanted me to call her when I
signed off... I was like aight I will... and she signed
offline... then Adrian signed off so he could take a
shower... and I stayed on until my mom got home... then she
made me get off so she could get online.... so I decided to
call Erica.. it was like almost 4... we talked for a few
minutes then she had to go.... I was sittin watchin this
movie at my gram's when I realised I had to call Krystal..
so I gave her a call but ended up talkin to her for like 2
minutes... and let her go cuz Evon was crying... I sat
around being bored... and when 6 came around I called
Adrian back.. we talked until like 8... and then he had to
go cuz his mom wanted online or sumthing... ::Sighs:: I
guess I'm meetin him tomorrow at my mom's gas station....
hehe this should be intresting.... lol considering I
haven't told my mom he will be comin there to meet me
yet... I'm sorta nervous... it's not like I was when I met
all them over guys... I guess I'm getting used to it... I
dunno... I mean yeah I sorta like Adrian... but I don't
have feelings for him.... my heart is broken... and I don't
think I will be havin feelings for anyone but Jack for a
while... cuz he hurt me so bad and he doesn't even know...
U would think after all the shit we went through I would be
like fuck him... but for sum odd reason I can't forget bout
him :( Wish me luck with meeting Adrian in hopes that my
mom won't get mad or anything... cuz from what he said...
he is going to get me sumthing but he won't tell me what...
lol so like I said.. this is going to be sooo intresting...
well I guess that is bout all ... I feel so lazy right now
cuz I haven't took my shower... but I'm bout to... I will
let u know how things go with me meetin Adrian
tomorrow...So bye bye 4 now sry for cuttin it sotra
short... lol my eyes r sorta hurtin so u know how that is...