Vanessa Jo

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2001-07-08 02:42:40 (UTC)

a new day

Well, today I talked to David's sister Angie and what she
told me brought me out of my shell. She said that even
though he made the remarks of how he likes me to look, that
wasn't what he wanted her to go and tell me. He said that
he won't go out with me right now, because we need to spend
more time getting to know each other. He apologized and I
guess we're going to start talking and get to know each
other. But that will be set back for a couple weeks since
he is leaving with his mother and sister on Monday to go to
Florida until the 23rd.
I have my last two softball games this week. If my team
wins them both, I think we will finish in 4th place out of
8 teams. That's not too bad, even though I wish we had the
first place that we did last year. This is my third year
with the same coach, and my 8th year playing softball. I
think next year is the last year I will be able to play
considering my age. The age limit used to be 18, but I
think they're changing it so that you have to be 16 in
January to play. I'll be 16 in January, but 17 the next
year. Of course hehe Well, enough blabbing for now. I'll
update soon!