DarkVenus no Himitsu
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2001-07-08 02:34:29 (UTC)

la la la

i really don't know what to say, i just came here because
this site sent me a reminder. i don't usually write often
in my real diary either, only when something really good or
really terrible happens, or when i have an inspiring or
extremely strange dream. last night i had a cool dream but
i don't remember exactly what it was about, only that it
was some kinda gundam thing almost... there was this female
pilot and she lost a battle to someone, and everyone
thought she was dead, but in the end of my dream there was
this glass dome, i think it was some kind of station, and
she appeared there and began to fight. somethin like that.
i want to buy a book about dreams. if i can find some site
that explains your dreams, i won't have to buy a book.
hehe. does anyone know if there's a website like that out
there? yeah, that's it. ja ne.