2001-07-08 02:20:30 (UTC)


Yesterday I went movie hoppin' with my home-girl Shelly
(teehee). Sharon was supposed to come, but never showed up!
We saw Crazy/Beautiful and then snuck in to AI right after.
I liked them both. The robot man-whore (Jude Law) was
really cool, I thought. I didn't sleep last night (again)
until 6am, waking up at 3pm. My sleeping and food habbits
get all screwed up in the summer. I live on balance bars
and venti frappachinos, basically. Then my mom makes me eat
real food. I became a vegetarian recently though. Every
time I could eat meat I think about how the animal was
slaughtered mercilessly, afraid, bleeding, treated like it
didn't matter, like it didn't have a soul. Stops me right
there. I can't ignore that stuff anymore. I finally played
bass again for half an hour last night. I just don't want
to let my bass teacher, Steve, down when I see him on
Tuesday. I mean, I want him to be proud ( if he
even cares). My brother, Alex, is supposed to be over here
for the weekend, but he just goes out all night and sleeps
all day. A little like myself. Last night some guy who I
met once a long time ago told me all about how withdrawn,
overly-suspicous and sheltered I am. And then he tried to
make it sound better by saying I'm just "different"
and "not like other people". He was just mad because I
don't want to "hang out" with him and I banned him from
IMing me. If you're someone who actually knows me, you're
wondering who this guy is. He is 20 years old and he goes
to the college where we live!!! AAAH. Weirdness. I just
don't like talking about things like that. Just once could
a guy like me who I ALSO like!???!!!!!! Is that so damn
impossible?! Oh well. I seriously should consider becoming a
Buddhist nun or somethin' (note:I actually DIDN'T mean that
seriously. I don't want to be a 40 year old virgin!).