Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
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2002-08-02 05:57:58 (UTC)

teddy bear

i dont kno wut is up wit my titlez. im running outta thangz
to put. iight him. jessica has still got all my shit and is
bein a lil cunt and wont give it back. allz i got of herz
is her shoez and shirt. u kno wut ima bout to go to her
house go in thru da back and just get all my stuff back
myself. breaking and entering. haha. oh well. uhh. dis kid
dat i met at da park raymond is a stalker. and he wantz to
do shit wit me. and it aint gonna happen. i dont kno he
aint all dat cute. im shallow. forgive me. uhh yesterday i
saw andrew at spring valley when i went exploring. i got
lost for like 2 hrz. hehe. im silly. and den today i up and
told andrew i wanted him and shit and he whuz like im into
blondez dat wear a lot of make-up right now. so fuck it
i'll get over it. hmm. hector, dunno whuz goin' on wit him
i mean shur he mexican but i dont got feelingz for
him..just his fzzziness. and uhh oh justen. i like him. i
dont wanna go out wit him. cuz boyfriendz r useless. i'd
rather be single and be wit neone i want. but next time i
see him im gonna kiss him. cuz diana and lindsey told me he
whuz a good kisser. i told him dat i whuz gonna and he
didnt have a problem wit it. haha. uhh hmm i gotz to find
sum new guyz. im ready for high school. dey'll b so many. i
wont be able to choose. haha. no no i dont play peoplez
datz wrong. well right now im wit everyone and dont c
neone. and ya kno itz all good. hmm melanie is up and
fuckin up jennz chance wit kyle and talkin shit and tellin
liez on me and my friendz so i thought i'd pay her back. so
i called her up and told her i whuz wit her X. shez like
did u call me just to tell me dat. im like no actually i
wanted to kno if u would be ok wit me givin him a hand job
tomorrow. haha. she got mad, made a strange noise and hung
up. haha. funny, funny. and so dat whuz dat. it whuz
fuckin' hilarious. she almost up and shit a brick. ha. and
tiffany is pissed cuz justen likez me. so she talkin' stuff
too. shez like da next time i see u ima kick ur ass. im
like oh yea ok. she wont touch me. shez too jealous. dey
all r. and really i couldnt care less if people got beef.
if dey wanna hate let 'em. it aint no thang. almost
everyone likez me, i ogt friendz, so let dem bitchez bitch.

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