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2002-08-02 05:47:06 (UTC)

Bulletin Boards & Such

August 1, 2002

The last few weeks, I've been reading message boards. With
shaking head, don't know whether to laugh, cry, get angry, or
simply throw-up my hands in disbelief!

Of course there's the consideration as to the sources of the
posts; people from all ages and all walks of life. People
with as many motives as individuals. And all in all, I
suppose, none should be taken too seriously.

Perhaps, the good thing is, I was moved from lurker to poster
status!? Everyone owes it to themselves to find his/her voice
and to express it! What else is this wonderful invention, if
not a tool for self-expression, for the private individual.

Sometime around 1986, the memory is as fresh lettuce, crisp
and tasty. The first time H brought home a Prodigy floppy and
we eagerly rushed to the computer, booted up, inserted, and
waited to see what was up? It was mostly advertisement,
couple of bulletin boards, maybe some shareware sites? It
held my interest for about fifteen minutes!

Tons of ideas and possibilities for use sprang into mind; and
just as quickly dissipated into nothingness, as time went on
and other more pressing aspects spiraled the vortex of life.

In the late 80s, leaving the Electronic industry behind, took
me away from the center of things, while taking care of more
pressing matters than my career.

In early 1996, imagine my amazement, when H brought home a browser,
stating that it might be of interest too me. It stayed on my desk for
almost a month, untouched. I had no idea what a browser was?

This quote comes to mind:

'That everyone can learn to read will ruin in the long run not only
writing, but thinking too. Thus spoke Zarathustra'
~Friedrich Nietzsche