My Life!!!
2002-08-02 05:20:23 (UTC)


Well i never really told any of you about me so....here it
NaMe: Lilianna, Lili, Lil, LiliBug
AgE: 15
AgE yOu WiSh YoU wErE: 17 (i dunno why)
OcCuPAtIoN: Student at G.G (Ghetto Gahr)
LoCaTiOn: Las Angelas...home of the LA Lakers BABY!!


HaIr CoLoR: Brown and curly as hell!!!!
EyE cOlOr: Brown
HoW mAnY tImEs HaVe YoU dYeD yOuR hAiR: Never....i have
virgin hair!!
EvEr WoRn EyE cOlOrInG cOnTaCtS: Nope
FaVoRiTe BoDy PaRt: My legs!!
BoDy PaRt PeOpLe CoMpLiMeNt ThE mOsT: My legs, my toes, or
my smile!!
EvEr BeEn ToLd YoU rEsEmBlE a CeLeBrItY: No...i wish!!
PiErCiNgS: Only my ears!!
TaTtOoS: Not yet!
BrAcEs: I had them before
EvEr ShAvEd YoUr HeAd: Hell NO...Im aint no freak!!!
HeIgHt: UmMmMm...i think 5'4


NuMbEr Of FeMaLeS/mAlEs KiSsEd: Males~5 Females~0 (not
NuMbEr Of ReLaTiOnShIpS (tOtAl): I think 5
OnE yOu ReGrEt MoSt: YUP....Greg!!!!
WhY? wHy NoT?: Cos he was an ass
CuRrEnT bOy/GiRl FrIeNd: Yup!! William!!!
LoNgEsT rElAtIoNsHiP: 1 month
LaSt PeRsOn YoU dAtEd: William!!!
LaSt PeRsOn YoU kIsSeD: William!!!
ArE yOu In LoVe: NO (not yet anyways)
If YoU cOuLd DaTe OnE pErSoN, wHo WoUlD iT bE: Besides
William...umm...Brad Pitt or Josh Hartnett!!!!


FaVoRiTe BaNd: Dashboard Confessional
Do YoU pLaY aN iNsTrUmEnT: No...i used to
EvEr PlAyEd An InStRuMeNt In FrOnT oF aN aUdIeNcE: If you
call my parents an audience then....Yeah!!!
WhAt CoNcErTs HaVe YoU AtTeNdEd: None so far
FiRsT cOnCeRt EvEr AtTeNdEd: I dunno
HoW OlD wErE yOu: ummmm....???
WhAt DiD yOu WeAr: I was tottaly in the nude...haha JK!!
WhAt BaNd WoUlD YoU sElL YoUr SoUl To SeE: I dunno!!
WhAt DiD YoU LiStEn To WhEn YoU wErE 4: Ummm...Probably New
Kids On the Block
WhAt DiD yOu LiStEn To WhEn YoU wErE 8: What ever my sister
listened to i guess?!
WhAt DiD yOu LiStEn To WhEn YoU wErE 12: *NSYNC!!!
BeSt BaNd LiVe:?? I dunno??


FaVoRiTe ItEm Of ClOtHiNg: My shoes!!! And my skirt!!
FaVoRiTe ClOtHiNg StOrE: Forever 21 and V Generation
FaVoRiTe ClOtHiNg LaBeL: It doesnt matter....just as long
as it looks good on me...then im happy ;)
ItEm Of ClOtHiNg YoU wAnT: More shoes!!!!


FaVoRiTe AnImAl: Doggies!!!
Do YoU hAvE aNy PeTs: Yup...2 dogs (gordo and sombra) and 1
bird (pretty boy/girl)


LaSt MoViE yOu SaW iN a CiNeMa: Austin Powers Goldmember
FaVoRiTe MoViE: A Walk To Remember, Pretty in Pink, and
Sixteen Candles
FaVoRiTe DiReCtOr: I dunno
LeAaT fAvOrItE mOvIe(S): The bourne Identity (it suxs!!
Huh angie?)

~*^WhAt Do YoU tHiNk Of WhEn YoU hEaR....^*~

WaTeR: Pee
SuMmEr: Leaves
DaNcE mUsIc: Rave
MeTaL: Pipe
HaIr: Dog
SnOw: Snow Man
BoObS: ANGIE....hahhhah
ChIlDrEn: Lil brother and Will's little brother and sis
AuStRaLiA: the crocodile hunter (CRICKY!!!!)
TeLeViSiOn: Friends!!

My Email addy is [email protected] so Email me whenever and my
Screen name is LilLatinDork, CurlyFries1717, LakerCutie17,
XxLiliBugxX, lilangjenmeris....i know i know...i have alot but IM me
when you need someone to talk to...im ALWAYS...ALWAYS ON!!!
[email protected] In!!