Theories, Thoughts, & What Ifs
2001-07-08 01:09:11 (UTC)

Just My Luck

First, I undercook the chicken (even though the outside is
charred) for the party at work... Gutwrench~~ don`t look so
surprised, and keep the comments to yourself.

And then my boyfriend informs me that we have a flat tire
when I get to the car as he`s picking me up from work. So,
we`re stuck in the parking lot until my sister shows up. I
called her because I don`t have a jack in my car. By the
time this whole ordeal is over, it`s almost 9pm. Just to let
you know, I get off of work at 6:30.
For those of you that know me... I`m grouchy, irritated, and
a little mad at the car Gods; but I`m still able to keep my
sense of humor. Thankfully, I had great company... two of my
other friends showed up to see how everything was going, and
they even bought me my stuff from Wal-Mart that I told them
I needed to buy.

As I`m getting in the car to go home, I`m thinking that this
is going to be pretty hilarious on my page... for everyone
knows the luck that I have...