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2001-07-07 23:08:40 (UTC)

Today *thinks* Well, I have been at my dad's for 2 weeks
and I finally got home (thank God). My dad is a drunk. I just moved
in with my mom in the beginning of March. I am so glad I moved
because it is so much better here. :)
OK, about Zack...Well, he is soooo sweet. He has been extra sweet
today. :-D He wrote me this e-mail that made me cry here it,
wassup? what have u been doin the whole time we been off the
phone? watching me race like me? lol, i hope, ricky is doing good
but jr. is doing really good. i hope jr. wins and ricky finishes
2nd. i have like missed you the whole time, even know its been only
like 1 hour and a 1/2, lol.
somethings thats been bothering me...all that bad stuff i said
the other day, well plz believe me that right now i would never say
any of that. i dont know why i said that, but i dont like want 2
break up with you and i didn't then. really i dont know why i said
that, when it just like came out, that wasn't how i was feeling, i
was feeling just the opposite. i think that this with my mom and
stuff how i cant talk 2 you and how i cant see you (without gettin
permission) is really stupid. thats just bothering me 2 and started
that whole bad stuff i said. one day, i hope soon, i am going 2 tell
my mom about me and u, and if she says something like i cant talk 2
you, well i dont know what i will do, and right now i am really sad
cuz i said that 2 you and everything. im soooo sry, i didnt' mean
it. I AM SORRY! yea im like really sad right now, lol, im crying.
i just dont want 2 lose u, u dont know how much i care 4 you, love u,
and just need u. well i just hope u get online real soon cuz i need
u 2 talk 2. i miss u! just hurry ur tail up! my shirts like wet on
the sides, were i was wiping my tears. just believe me about what i
said, i never wanted 2 break up with you, cuz if i did, i would
have. i just want 2 live the rest of my life with you. well g2g

my mom told me 2 get off a lil while ago, if im not on when u get on
im sry
love u so much!!!!!!
OMG! he is so freakin sweet! I am so glad that I found some1 like
him. I am da luckiest gurl in da whole world! OMG! lol
Well, I g2g now
Amber Goss
~*Zack's Gurl*~

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