Skyla Metallium

Skyla's Dream World Journal
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2001-01-10 15:04:14 (UTC)

January 10,2001-7:00 AM --RL--..

January 10,2001-7:00 AM
I'm writin' early in the mornin now,eh?Well..I told Trewyn
about the Wufei thing,and she said it was fine,and I'll get
over it in a while...I hope so!It's wierding me out!
*scratches her head*I'm even having a bit of trouble
concentrating!Kuzco thinks I like him..but I don't!.....Do
I?Well,I can't figure this out now,darn school,but..NO, I
DON'T like Wufei.

Not much,I haven't seen my twins for a while,and I miss 'em!
I told the group to go ahead,and I'd meet them when they
got to the city..I told them that for 2 reasons
A) I can't travel when I'm at school
B) I'm a danger to my friends when I travel,so it's better
if I'm not with them or my children.
Oh! Vegeta and Trunks came back last night!That was cool!
Vegeta said he missed me!sweet,huh?Well..that was in
private of course *lol*
Umm...*thinks*Oh,I was thinking,and..well,I don't think I
should pilot Nova (my Gundam).It's so strong,and...I'm not.
I had a problem,and I ran away from it. How cowardly is
that? I have no honour,sense of justice...I used to think
that of all the people in this world, I had the strongest
send of justice on honour,but I'm a coward,I don't deserve
the respect I have, and I don't deserve to pilot Nova.
-Skyla Glace

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