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2002-08-02 00:41:23 (UTC)

Jumping out of a car

Saturday July something or other was a weird and
unforgettable day. Long story short.. I drank a mickey of
vodka and half a litre of coolers to myself. At 11:00 my
mum came to pick me up and I met her 20 minutes late. Half
way through our car ride, at 60km per hour I jumped out of
the car and ran. I was so scared of the day to follow when
I knew my mum would be mad at my drunkeness and lateness.
My mum followed me for a ways, but I managed to get away
and proceeded to wander around the city all night. A kind
taxi driver drove me to Jory's house for free. Jory and
his family were fast asleep though so I wandered some
more. At one in the morning, I rang a random house's
doorbell and asked for some blankets. I was granted
permission to sleep on their doorstep with some blankets.
I forgot how cold the night was. Five in the morning came
rolling by, and I was still not sure if my thumb was broken
or sprained. I slept in a bush for a little longer. After
talking to random people and searching the residential area
for a corner store to call from, I found one. I called
Jory. "where the fuck are you"?? oh... he knew.
Apparantly my mum had called the cops and all my friends.
He refused to know where i was or see me. So I called my
mum. Things are okay with her now. She just hopes i've
learned my lesson about drinking. Mythumb stillhurts