Full of Secrets
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2002-08-02 00:27:30 (UTC)


Hey. I had plans today to "go get lost in the woods" around
my house. Which ment I was just going to go walk around in
the woods for a whill, and bring my cat. But it rained so a
Big Red X on that plan. But I guess I could do that
tomorrow. Well I talked to Deana on the phone for a little
whill today. I also drew in my Drawing Journal that I
started last night. I really like the idea that I came up
with with the drawing Journal. I'm sure I'm not the first
one to think of a Drawing JOurnal, but it's the first I've
ever heard of one. I'm not really mad at Dee just kindda
well upset with her. She doesn't like Andrew because she
thinks he's ugly. I guess she's one of those kind of people
where looks really matter. Looks have never really mattered
much to me. But I guess not every one can be like me, there
have to be some dunces in the world. I can't wait tell Sunday. I
think it's going to be fun. Not only going to the Great Escape but
having Dee sleep over is going to be awsome. I feel like I can talk
to her about anything, and she won't judge me. She's one of the lucky
people that have come to know my true greatness, lol j/k. Monday
Andrew is going to Washington for about 2 weeks, I think I might

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