Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-07 21:19:30 (UTC)

O hey hey like yea ummm ... yea

O hey yea so like ...... I am bored. I got back from the
flea market just a while ago. Yea went and picked me up
some fleas. Yep and brought them back to my lil cardboard
box here. Yea my ceiling is missing. Someone took it. Soo
umm yea ...... O hey I got off the phone with my boyfriend
at like 3:00 am last well this morning. Yea. Wondering what
the hell we was talkin about huh. Hahaha. We was talkin
about .............. ooooo you thought I was goin to tell
you hahaha. No. You nosey person. Okay well yea. I guess
you could say that is twas kinda interesting. Talked about
this and talked about that and talked about ........ yea. I
guess I hung up the phone kinda sad ...... dont kno why....
but I got over it. Went to bed about 3:45 and woke up at
7:15. O yea sure like you wanted to kno what time I went to
bed and woke up. Hahaha. O you did? Just kidding. But yea.
O wow I ate breakfast for the first time in a really really
long time. I am not a breakfast person. I never eat
breakfast but I did this morning and I think it made me
kinda sick. But o well. Yea then me and my dad had this
conversation abouts my boyfriend. Teasing me again. Sayin
that I have to tell him goodnight or I won't sleep good.
Pssh ... Yea okay. And he started complaining about the
bread. He told me to get the bread that has "BIG" on it.
And I guess I thought I grabbed it but I grabbed the one
that said "THIN". OOPS! Then he asked me this morning how
do you spell "BIG" and I told him "T-H-I-N" hahahaha. That
was funny. Okay why did I tell you that? O hey hey ..... I
am stupid haha ...... okay .......... so ....... ummmm ...
yea .........

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