down in my eyes
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2002-08-01 21:47:06 (UTC)

do you know?

Ok, popquiz. Let's see how well you know me.
since my music means everything.
I can think of acouple people i'd THINK would know,...
but, i'm not even sure if they do. If you know, tell me.
So, how well do U know the music, that's My everything?

Who sings ...

"'N all of the things that i've wanted to say..
It's all been said,
Been said, till i see you again.
These pages can't hold my thoughts
Over your head
'N these tears that i've cried,
Would be falling again.."

Who am I listening to right now?...:

a.) Sugar Ray
b.) Lucky 7
c.) Alanis Morissette
d.) Rufio