fake plastic diary
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2002-08-01 20:51:06 (UTC)

fit gymnasts&wasting my time

god, ive been out in the sun and not got horribly burned!
its a miracle. just slightly "glowing" ie pinkish. but
thats better than red. and im not gonna peel! oh yes.
i think u probably are getting spied on. i read this
statistic at school that at any moment there could be up to
about ten people watching ur every move. and thats just an
average innocent person.
at the war museum they show this old british video of what
to do in case of a nuclear attack. apparently u shud
dedicate a room on the ground floor of ur house to be ur
shelter room. it shud be full of enuff food and bottled
water to keep ur family alive for 14 days. also it must
include a bucket for having a shit in, and a bin to put the
aforementioned shit in. incase u hear the attack siren
sounding, simply hide in the room. make a simple shelter
from 3 doors, a ready nailed piece of wood on the floor and
a ton of big suitcases. u will now just wait there until u
hear the all clear. next to the video was a map of all the
people who would die if there was a hit on the museum.
everyone round would be dead instantly/in 20 mins, shelter
or no shelter. my house would be dead. then loads of ppl
would die from fallout all round the country. it was quite
depressing. but comical at the same time. im a bit more
worried about that than being hit by asteroids.
sliced lemon and coke is a classic combination. finally
they have captured the taste and made it taste like lemon
and coke without the bother of slicing a lemon. ingenious.
it is totally the drink of summer 2002. like last summer it
was fanta lemon (although why it took so long to get to
britain when everyone who has been to europe has been able
to drink it for years is beyond me).
dear god. a parent supervised bbq? noooooo! nothing worse.
u would love one of our parties. well actually, no u
wouldnt. only ppl who like us could enjoy one of our
parties. anyone who didnt know us would just think we were
a bit odd. but really. i wish u could be at one of our
little social gatherings. chaz would spend the whole time
hugging u anyway. she clings to ppl when shes pissed. u
would just get so accepted. and u would have a great time.
thats a good point about the characters in beauty and the
beast. and kids tv programmes are the best. i love watching
a good old programme. my brother said exactly the same
thing about the womens gymnastics. bloody one track minded
lads. i bet u watched the syncronised swimming too. theres
this massive poster up in town of a male gymnast on the
pommel horse doing a straddle thing, and we noticed that he
had no dick. hmmm. i recognise him now. hes called craig
heap and hes the england captain. theres some good looking
male gymnasts anyway. like the scottish guy, john mutch.
i dont want a job, i just want some money.
i never watch top of the pops cos theres only ever like one
good song on in the whole programme.
oh u think u got it bad with ur dad? my dad has been in a
permanent bad mood with us for ages. he keeps beating my
brother up. like smackin his head on the wall and stuff. he
just ignores me. today hes pissed off cos mum told him that
we didnt wanna stay at her house just cos they wanted us
outta the way. so now hes angry that he cant have his own
way. so he wont speak to us for days. he just guilt trips
into doin stuff. i used to really like my dad, but now hes
pissin me off. im actually preferring spending time at my
mums, and u know that i dont even love her or anything.
sigh. my life gets all shitty so much of the time.
sorry to be depressing. im in a depressed sorta mood.
combination of headache, period pain, no ice lollies in the
freezer when i want one and not much going right.
hope ur infinately happier than me at the mo!
loads of love, lisa.
oh woah, this typeface font thing is called nimrod. like my
favourite green day album. im suitably impressed!

hiya. i did nothing of any value today. i did a painting
and danced infront of the mirror for a bit. but i really
dont know what else i actually wasted my time on
today....oh actually, i watched bargain hunt, real rooms
(twice), changing rooms in new zealand and house invaiders.
then i recorded one side of a tape. track listing; blue
monday by new order, gangster trippin by fatboy slim, would
you? by touch and go, addicted to bass by puretone, du hast
by rammstein, emerge by fischerspooner, flat beat by mister
oizo, i see you baby by groove armada ft gram'ma funk, feel
the beat by darude, so lonely by jakatta and poor leno by
royksopp. not exactly the normal stuff i listen to, but i
was in the mood for listening to dance type stuff. im not
sure what to do on the other side. maybe ska stuff, or
another tape of british bands i think. i make tapes all the
time. i would do cds, but my computer doesnt let me.
bastard. at the mo im listening to my fav tape that i made.
its cool. its got radiohead (just), placebo (slacker
bitch), the avalanches (frontier psychiatrist), massive
attack (teardrops), toploader (achillies heel), coldplay
(dont panic), am60 (just a dream), tom macrae (you cut her
hair), cooper temple clause (did u miss me?), royksopp
(epele), muse(muscle museum), rammstein (stripped), air
(all i need), grandaddy (crystal lake) and loads of other
god, its ages ago since they made the first MIB innit? it
would av been about 1997. i never saw what was so great
about will smith. my friends were like oh yeah hes cute but
i just didnt see it myself. i dont thin mi5 are reading ur
emails. nobody reads ur emails. nobody. i dunno why its ten
people watching you. it just is. well, thats what the
physics sheets about satellites has lead me to believe.
yeah i like the george michael vid. they get cherie's face
really well. shes an ugly fucker. i collect funny pictures
of her. well, i used to. theyr all at the back of my old
school diary. i hate george michael, but i do like that
what do u like so much about getting celeb autographs
anyway? whats the point? no offence intended.
yeah we got all thunder lightning and rain today. its
refreshing. better than sun. and lightning is still really
exciting, even though ive seen it many many times.
yes we are a bunch of crazy mad gofficks. nah, you would
only be scared if you didnt have a sense of humour. if ur
even a little bit insane then the madness wouldnt scare
you. you would love us so much. now syncronised swimmers.
they really are people to be scared of. especially the ones
who syncronise with themselves. and also hairdressers. they
really do scare me shitless. i had to make a hair
appointment today over the phone, and the receptionist just
sounded blonde. she was so ditzy sounding. i have to go on
friday. and i hate it. its okay for lads, they just walk in
without making an appointment. they sit on the chair, say
number 1, short back and sides, whatever, and the guy knows
what they want. 5 minutes later theyr out of there. i have
to make an appointment, wait around for ages reading glossy
magazines, they take ur coat, offer you coffee, keep
looking at you, make you sit and have ur hair washed over
the sink where the neck rest thing is so painful and hurts
so much that it is pointless. (i think its designed for
tall people) and they pull ur hair and vigourously rub ur
head, then they put a cape and a towel on you. then they
make u sit on a chair and wait for ages. then they ask u
what u want done, and i never know what to say. just cut
it. and no i dont know where my parting is. most days i
dont brush it. (shock horror!) then they talk, sometimes to
u, mostly to their friends and other clients, but u dont
know who theyr talkin to cos theyr looking at ur hair.
which is confusing. and they piss about for half an hour.
then it still looks shit. and it costs about four times as
much as it does for my brother. sorry. i have to write
about my fears to get over them. like a kind of therapy. do
u think its cheating to wear a padded bra? i was having
this argument with myself last nite. i think i won. i found
some matches last nite and lit a candle so all these flies
came in and burnt. amused me for a long time, cos the nite
before they were pissin me off by buzzin round the light
next to my bed.
im goin to listen to some more badly drawn boy cos its just
great and for some reason makes me feel all artistic.
love ya!
end transmition.