point of a distorted view
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2002-08-01 19:48:54 (UTC)

I love you brandon boyd! Okay...that's not the WHOLE topic...

I have a new favorite *feeling*.
It used to be when someone you respect and love...or
other... says something to you that would make you feel
awesome coming from even a stranger but coming from that
I now have another favorite.
When I listen to my radio, loud, and leave it on all
night long. At like 7:00 in the morning I wake up to one
of my favorite songs in the world (In this case, "Warning"
by incubus [*I LOVE YOU BRANDON BOYD!*])and it wakes me up
and I automatically start singing. Very good feeling.
I think Incubus, the Strokes, The White Stripes, and the
Hives are gonna save the world. And *thursday by six*.