Life's A Boat, Be A Good Sailor
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2002-08-01 19:48:48 (UTC)


How to explain a day. Hmm...lets start wiht how it began. A
pesky little brother waking me up with a squirt of ice cold
water. Not Exactly what I planned, but all the same.
Continue on trying not to be annoyed by the fact the this
young boy being my brother can't satisfy himself in another
way. He has to sit and bother me all day. So I try to find
something better to do, lay out and get some sun.
Afterwards, try and get some stuff done around the house,
but yet again I am troubled by this child who thinks it is
cool to bug his older sister. Well, unlike my normal habit
of calling for mom, she isn't home, so I either have to put
up with or fight back. And what kind of mischievious teen
would I be if I didn't fight back. I thought of some skeem
that might work. Now that I have that figured out move on
with the rest of the day, and don't let anything else he
does bother me. And if it does don't let him know that it
does. My day, summed up, so far.