The Boy Looked At Johnny
2002-08-01 19:08:47 (UTC)

I need you

What's new? Blur. Things are a blur. Not the band.

The band is OK.

Money is incredibly tight right now. I've been bumming
money from people just for gas, and eating anything free --
this includes, but is not limited to, small bits of food at
Jessy's house, hot chocolate and tea from the Warhol and
food at art openings and staff parties. However, I got my
paycheck, and I want to go eat tonight. I want to eat crap.
Garbage. Grease. Sugar. Burgers, steaks, waffles, eggs,
bacon, enchiladas, pies, stir-fry, whatever.

Jeremy Johnson and Your Black Star played last night at the
Mr. Robot Project. I hung out with them afterwards, and we
slept over at a guy's house in Oakland. It was really great
to see those guys. Jeremy's so heart-on-sleeve; he was
telling me how much he misses me and hopes I get back soon.

You know, I feel like I could be pretty happy here or
there. Louisville or Pittsburgh. Doesn't matter. I know
something I didn't know before.

Maybe that's it. I can't tell you what it is, though. It's
my secret. I worked for it. Ha ha.

I don't really have a place to live right now. Philip and
Lipika returned, so I stay with Ed sometimes, Jessy

The best part is I have a band together when I get home.
Like I said earlier, it's Andrew Turner and
(possibly...hopefully) Chris Guetig, but also the amazing
and hilariously outspoken Dan Marshall. I wanted to be
called the Vespertines, and then the Black Dahlias, but
both names were taken by Portland, OR and Lincoln, NE
outfits respectively. Now I'm pushing for Das Pronto.