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2002-08-01 18:37:37 (UTC)


gramps came a couple days ago...he's same old same bored and so is he lol

something that made me sad..he's like 74 and he lives in
south america without his children living there and he's
going to be all alone in his last days. right now, he's not
invalid and has his brains on, but he's thinking about his
last days and how that would happen. and it made me sad
when he said that he should commit suicide just so he would
go away faster. i mean he's not sick, but we dont know what
the future would prevail. you can't help but think of your
own future and what would happen.

another speculation; about marriage- i dont think there's
such a thing as true love..if there is, why is the divorce
rate so high. i just think love is momentary and after that
it just fades. it's sad but it's definitely true.
everything starts out good then it just goes
what's the point of my opinion, to spread

as for now, im just going w/ the flow...maybe when college
is done i'll find someone i actually like. but now, it's
like guys my age are dorks and no one actually wants to
settle down for anything long term..i was reading some
article and it said that when women go to college they look
for husbands, but guys it's the complete antithesis.

on religion, i have none...i think religion is just a
natural corruption and it's an ideal that was set thousands
of years ago, so human beings can avoid neanderthalism.
i dont know wut religion my kids would be.
as for names of them: girl-felicity boy- ?i dont know yet

ta ta for now