2001-07-07 18:47:54 (UTC)

well my b day has past. and i..

well my b'day has past. and i stil haventn heard shit from
u. well i knew that would be the case, but still it kills
me.. i saw on msn today that your name has changed.. ur
name with the "sabastianlovesheather" email.. does that
mean your back with her? obviously it means your back on
the net.. so why havent u emailed me? i thought u loved me?
*lol* well.. that what u tried to tell me anyway!
funny how i sorta knew it was all a pile of shit.. but i
still wanted it to be true. in wanted you to love me, i
wanted to have that power over u still.. just like the good
old days.

Its been almost a year since i met you.. 1 whole year.. and
what has happened since then? you broke up with nessa, got
together with devan, broke up with her, got with me, broke
my heart, got together with heather... then fucking
disapperared for 3 months.

where are u now sab? have u got my letter yet?

ah i dunno..