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2002-08-01 16:54:55 (UTC)

A Special Someone

Dear Diary,
Im Gonna Sit Here And Tell You Bout A Gorgeous, Special
Gurl I Once Met Whom To This Point Im Still Tryin To Let Go
Off!It Started Like Any Typical Day But This Day Soon
Changed To Be Like No Other Day Cause I Was Fizin To Meet A
Gurl Who I Would Fall For Without Even Knowin It!It Was
Late In The Afternoon When I Got A Messege On The Internet
But I Figured Hmmm The S/N Sounds Familiar Wanna Seee
Wasssup Well It Comes To Be This Chick That Ive Heard
People Talk About This And That I Was Glad To be Talkin To
Her And I Wanted To See How She Was Like!The Thing Is Rite
When She Showed Me Her Pics I Fell Rite There And Then. Now
You Can Ask Me What Did I Ever See Or Like In Her And I Can
Easily Answer You 1)Her Beautiful Smile 2)Her Personality 3)
Looks. Now At The Moment I Had A G/F To Which This Point i
Dont Think She Ever Knew About!I Feel Bad For My G/F At The
Time Cause I Did Some Things Behind Her Back Not Only With
This Person But Along With Other Gurls i Regret Doing Cause
It Fucked Up My Whole Relationship With Her(What Goes
Around Comes Around And So She Broke Up With Me)But Anyways
So I Decided To Meet This Gurl And Once I Did I Had A
Feelin She Had To be The One Or Was I Wrong?She Was
Indeed,Cute,Basically Everything I Looked For In A Gurl
But.....She Had A B/F Too!Now Ive Realized Thats Where I
Always Fuck Up Cause I Always Try To Get Involved In Those
Types Of Situations Where The Gurl Always End Up Having A
B/F Instead Of Steppin Away!Well In This Case I Felt It Was
Different It Was Too Late It Was Like Fallen At First Site!
I Didnt Know How To React,What To Say,How To Be Myself,I
Was Nevervous And Shy At All Times And Thats Not Me.I Got
Usto Her And We Hardly Saw Each Other.Days And Night Went
By And At Some Points I Would Cry For No Reason Just Cause
Of The Happiness She Would Bring To Me WHile I Was With Her!
I Tough She Was All That And Much More
But........Heerrrrrrrhh Hold UP Was She All That?She Soon
Began To Change, At Times She Would Be Angry And Temperous
(is that even a word?lol)And She Would Take It Out On Me
But What Else Could I Do But To Take It.She Meant
Everything To Me At THis Point And I Didnt Know What To Do!
I Just Wanted Her Soo Bad In My Arms And With Me And I Was
Willin To Sacrifice Anythin For Her!Well It All Started
Gettin Out Of Hand Cause I Started Gettin Fed Of To The
Point Where It Was Enough And I Had To Stand Up And Say
Something So I Did "3" Times But I Kept Lettin Her Come
Back And So I Ran Back To Her TOo.She Changed And Obiously
I Come To The Conlusion I Fell For Someone Who Must Of Not
Been Herself When I Met Her!I Trully Still Like Her But I
Rather Not Talk Or Have Any Contact With Her!I No Longer
Hurt Or Anything But I Wanna Make Sure Im Ready To Move On
Till The Day Comes That I No Longer THink ABout HEr
Everyday!I Felt Of The Way She Acted She Was Still A Lil
Immature And Needed Some time To Grow Up. Now Dont Get Me
Wrong Everything Else Was True But Just THe Whole Throwing
Everything In My Face,Takin Everthing On Me, And Me Feelin
Like I Was Being Used Wasnt Gonna Cut It!It All Goes Like
That Sayin "When I First Saw You I Was Scared To Meet You,
When I First Met You I Was Scared To Kiss You, When I First
Kissed You I Was Scared To Love You, Now That I Love You Im
Scared To Loose You".Well Not That Ive Lost Her I Dont Know
What To Do Without Her In My Life!Hopefully One Day She Will
Realize Things And I Wish I Could Just Spend One Day With
Her To Express All My Feeling,Thoughs,Emotions,Along With
How I See Her And Think Bout Her. As Long As She Knows
Whats Shes Doing And Is Happy I Guess I Can Say Im Happy
And Ready To Move On!I Can Still Recall The Few Memories
And Things We Did!To This Point I Wanna Say I Regret Gettin
Involed And Meetin Her But At The Same Time Im Glad It
Happened I Mean You Meet People For Certain Purposes To
Learn Lessons Either From That Person or The Relationship
Your In!In This Case I Learned It From Her!If This Person
Ever Reads This I Wanna Tell You I Still Care For You But
Can I No Longer Take It Anymore I Wanna Keep It This Way
And Stop The Hurtin And The Confusion Just Remember Me
Always And Thats All That I Ask For ~* Manny Fresh *~